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Cancer, Scorpio & Pisces are governed by the element of water. Water signs are most well known for being deep, intuitive, and sensitive. The sensitivity that comes from the water element translates into great creativity. Water energy is very feminine, nurturing and emotional. Water signs prefer to base their emotions on sense rather than logic or intellect.


CANCER (21st June – 22nd July)

I nurture with warmth & protection

You are sensitive and giving and you inspire others to be emotionally honest. Your safety and security is anchored by family and home. Cancer energy is very caring, nurturing and protective, which is centred around powerful intuition.


Organic Ingredients - Fractionated Coconut Oil, Blue Chamomile, Lavender, Wild Orange & Melissa Essential Oil

Benefits of Essential Oils

A subtle and comforting blend, reflective of the sensitive and emotionally supportive Cancerian nature.

Blue Chamomile – Signature oil; very nurturing, calming and soothing. The blue colour evokes the water element and the ocean that is the crabs natural home

Lavender – Provides emotional balance for your sensitive soul

Wild Orange – Uplifting and reflects the warm-hearted nature of Cancerians

Melissa – Very nurturing and feminine. Helps to balance any situations that don’t feel true to your gentle, sensitive self. Connected to the Moon – the ruling planet of Cancer


SCORPIO (23rd October – 21st November)

I transform with deep intimacy and wisdom

You are a perceptive and powerful warrior, capable of going deep into the shadow and rising as a phoenix. You have tremendous determination and intuition and are loyal to those you commit to and trust. Scorpio energy is deep, intense and mysterious, with the ability to transform and transmute time and time again.


Organic Ingredients - Fractionated Coconut Oil, Patchouli, Clary Sage, Geranium, Myrrh & Cedarwood Essential Oil

Benefits of Essential Oils

A deep and intense blend, reflective of the passionate nature of Scorpio

Patchouli – Signature oil; one of the deepest base notes in aromatherapy, Patchouli matches the depth of Pluto and Scorpio. Beautifully balances hormonal and emotional release. Supports sensuality and physical expression. Connected to Pluto – the ruling planet of Scorpio

Clary Sage – Assists in opening creative channels and accessing intuition. Enhances the perceptive nature of Scorpio

Geranium – Encourages emotional honesty and supports deep intimacy. Assists to restore harmony, particularly when combined with Patchouli

Myrrh – Rekindles trust with the soul. Supports healthy attachments, providing safety and security

Cedarwood – Supports connection and belonging with others, bringing joy in relationships  


PISCES (19th February – 20th March)

I dream with compassion & connection

You are deeply sensitive to the needs of others and are empathetic to those around you. You are incredibly intuitive and embody a sense of oneness with the Universe, allowing you to be open and connected to other realms. Pisces energy is compassionate, imaginative and creative, dreaming of a peaceful world for one and all.


Organic Ingredients - Fractionated Coconut Oil, Melissa, Bergamot, Jasmine, Frankincense & Cedarwood Essential Oil

Benefits of Essential Oils

A gentle and spiritual blend, reflective of the sensitive and intuitive nature of Pisces

Melissa – Signature oil; comforting and settling, offers spiritual connection. Awakens the soul to the truth and the light and re-connects you to your inner voice. Invites one to participate in higher realms of living and dreaming

Bergamot – Awakens the soul to hope and offers courage to share the inner self. Emotionally soothing and uplifting with its citrus aroma  

Jasmine – Emotionally warming. Inspires confidence with its pure, uplifting scent

Frankincense – Connects the soul to its inner light. Assists the soul in its spiritual evolution, opening the spiritual channel, so an individual can draw closer to divinity

Cedarwood – Calming and soothing effect on the mind and body. Has a powerful and stimulating effect on the psyche and also helps to ground a dreamy nature

Applying your Roll On Essential Oils

Directions of use: gently apply roller blend to pressure points on the wrists and behind the ears for optimal absorption and benefit.

Safety & Precautions

  • Discontinue use if irritation occurs
  • Avoid contact with eyes and sensitive areas
  • Do not ingest
  • Store below 30 ̊ C 
  • Warning: Not suitable for use during pregnancy and breastfeeding or on children

For sensitive skin, children or pregnant and breastfeeding women, please read our directions for use in our FAQs, directly below.



Customer Reviews

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Scorpio blend

Received Scorpio blend as a gift last week. I just LOVE it. I've used the Wellness roller/blend before, currently onto my 2nd roller I this blend.

Highly recommend these 2 Balance by the Sea essential oils.



Information contained on Balanced By The Sea website is not medical advice and has not been evaluated by the Therapeutics Goods Administration (TGA). Whilst essential oils are natural and low-tox products, they are concentrated, therapeutic agents and can cause reactions in sensitive people. Please seek medical advice prior to using essential oils if you are taking any medications, have any underlying medical conditions or have any concerns.

Balanced By The Sea does not make any claims that allergic reactions will not occur. Prior to daily use, please patch test on the inside of the wrist and monitor for skin irritation.

Balanced By The Sea essential oil roller blends have been curated using dilution ratios suited to adults only. These blends are not for use in children.

Safety & Precautions

For sensitive skin or pregnant and breastfeeding women, please check the ingredients in our essential oil blends carefully, they may not be suited to your skin or use.

In general, essential oils are considered safe, with minimum adverse reactions. In some cases, they can cause minor skin irritation at the site of use. If this occurs, cease application immediately. 

Citrus oils, in particular, can cause phototoxicity (sensitivity to the sun) and topical application should be avoided 12-18 hours prior to sun exposure. 

Correct storage of essential oils away from direct sunlight and heat is important, as contact sensitisation is more likely to occur due to oxidation if they are left in these conditions. Essential oils can change their chemical composition over time, so it is important not to store them for long periods. 

Not all essential oils are safe to use in pregnancy and during breastfeeding. Please see the list below for essential oils not recommended for use during this time that are present in Balanced By The Sea blends.

Ingredients to avoid:


Black Pepper



Clary Sage (safe in labour + breastfeeding)



Jasmine (safe in labour + breastfeeding)

Juniper Berry






Ylang Ylang

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Balanced By The Sea is wholeheartedly committed to reducing our carbon footprint. We have made a promise to you and the earth, to use packaging that is reusable and/or recyclable.

Each postage bag is a compostable mailer that you can re-use to send an extra parcel yourself. Your package is also wrapped in Hero Hex Wrap. This type of 100% recycled and compostable packaging will ensure that your items are padded and protected during delivery.

Our commitment to being eco-conscious also applies to the promise we have made to our retailers. Our products are displayed in an Australian-made low-tox natural timber stand. We've partnered with an Australian business, for premium sustainably sourced Tasmanian Oak Timber stands, which are finished with a signature low-tox oil coating.

We strive to be 100% environmentally friendly. We care about our impact on the environment and strive to make our brand as eco-conscious as possible, while still upholding our sustainable and premium qualities.

Fractionated coconut oil is made from virgin coconut oil, whereby the laurin and long chain fatty acids are removed, creating a clear, odourless, liquid oil.  This makes for the perfect carrier oil when blending essential oils, as it absorbs into your skin quickly without leaving a greasy feel or staining clothing or sheets.

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