Shape your wellbeing with our hand blended essential oils and create a sense of calm, joy, energy, mindfulness and more.

Large white seashells are lying on a luxurious linen sheet, symbolising Balanced by the Sea


Our unique blends of carefully selected essential oils are available in-store at our beautiful Burleigh Heads, stockists in Australia.

Finding Balance For Your Mind, Body & Soul

Our luxurious organic essential oil blends are curated using the purest form of essential oils + fractionated coconut oil. Providing a low-tox alternative for your skin and body, allowing you to nurture a holistic view of wellness. Enjoy the finer ingredients of life & inspire your physical health and emotional state of being.

A top view of a glass bottle containing a luxurious essential oil blend that is characterisic of Balanced by the Sea

Minimise the Impact of Toxins On Your Skin

Even the simplest of daily routines can expose your skin to thousands of chemicals and pollutants.

Balanced by the Sea essential oil blends are created using the purest form of essential oils and organic fractionated coconut oil.

Considered the highest quality of ingredients and the most natural choice, our scents are created to help you reduce toxicity on the body, so you can take a holistic approach to creating wellness.

Explore Balanced by the Sea Diffuser and Roller Blends

A small wooden staircase leading to a rocky beach with clear blue waves and palm trees. Balanced by the Sea is made in Byron Bay.

Hand-crafted in Beautiful Burleigh Heads

Where the earth is balanced by the sea – meet the qualified health practitioner who is helping you create wellness.

Meet Chantelle
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amber bottles containing essential oils are arranged on a wooden centrepiece. around them, palm leaves and organic linen cloths are scattered in an aesthetically pleasing way

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