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Information contained on Balanced By The Sea website is not medical advice and has not been evaluated by the Therapeutics Goods Administration (TGA). Whilst essential oils are natural and low-tox products, they are concentrated, therapeutic agents and can cause reactions in sensitive people. Please seek medical advice prior to using essential oils if you are taking any medications, have any underlying medical conditions or have any concerns.

Balanced By The Sea essential oil blends are not for use in pregnancy and breastfeeding or on children.

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“Each and every being has an innate ability to heal as a gift from the gods.” – Mikao Usui


What is Reiki?

Reiki was discovered in the late 1800's in Japan by Dr Mikao Usui.

Reiki comes from the Japanese words “rei,” meaning Spirit/Universal Source, and “ki,” meaning life energy.

Reiki is a form of healing used to balance the body's energy system.

How does Reiki work?

Reiki is an energy healing technique, where practitioners use their hands to deliver life force to your body, improving the flow + balance of your energy, to support healing.

You lay on a massage table, fully clothed, as the practitioners hands hover over the body or provide gentle touch.

The Benefits of Reiki

The benefits of reiki are wide + varied. From reduced stress to emotional healing, improved sleep and relief of pain.

Reiki may help to calm your nervous system, clear brain fog, lift your mood and improve your energy levels. 

Many people report feeling clearer + lighter after a reiki session.

The Experience

Along with the practice of Reiki itself, I also infuse shamanic practices, essential oils, crystals + sound healing into your session to provide you with a deep, restorative + transformative experience.

During the session you may experience a deep, meditative state, warmth, tingling, coldness + the vision of colours.



After experiencing a reiki session with Chantelle, I cannot recommend her highly enough. Her ability to tap into her innate gift of intuition + connection allowed me to feel totally at ease and relaxed during the session. I walked away feeling regulated, emotionally lighter + grounded in the most positive way.



Chantelle's beautiful reiki session felt like a nurturing hug from the Universe. I felt safe and completely at ease. Her insights were incredibly on point and her advice + perspective were so supportive + encouraging. I left feeling like my mind, body + soul had been reset.



Reiki In-Person

60 mins - $120

75 mins - $150

Distant Reiki

40 mins - $80

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