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We are passionate about guiding and supporting you on your journey of intentional wellbeing and balance, and are eager to share these resources with you as part of our ongoing pledge to education, wellness and wellbeing.

a bowl of fresh salad greens is being tossed using wooden spoons. the bowl is on a wooden table and there is a French style baguette in the background

Organic Vs Conventional Produce

Do you ever really think about what chemicals are on the food you consume? There is a growing trend of people wanting to transition away from conventionally grown produce, however... Read More
amber bottles containing essential oils are arranged on a wooden centrepiece. around them, palm leaves and organic linen cloths are scattered in an aesthetically pleasing way

Aromatherapy & Essential Oils

Aromatherapy and essential oils have been around for over 5000 years, with widespread use dating back to ancient civilisations like Egypt, India, China and Greece.  Aromatherapy is derived from two... Read More
a whole orange and two orange halves are arranges on a wooden centre piece that has been place on a white tablecloth. There is a palm leaf hanging over them

The Holistic Transition

Over the past 10 years I have gradually transitioned my family over to a more holistic lifestyle. Often there is a catalyst to make a change and so it was... Read More

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